The House of Da Vinci 3 is coming in Summer 2022 for iOS

Other platforms will follow soon after

The grand finale to The House of Da Vinci trilogy is coming! Expect numerous new puzzles, a thrilling story and the same high quality that everybody came to love in our previous games – or dare we say even better!

The time has finally come: become Giacomo one last time and join Leonardo da Vinci, the master of both art and science, as his friend and apprentice. Explore more of the Renaissance world full of puzzles, discover secret messages, and reveal mechanical wonders. Unravel conspiracies involving the most powerful people in Italy – and travel not only through space but time as well. Meet friends and rivals both old and new. Become the focus of a plan that might change history forever.

At first, The House of Da Vinci 3 will be available for:

Download on the AppStore

Shortly after the initial release, more platforms will follow:

Download on Google Play Download on Steam Download for Amazon Kindle Download for Nintendo Switch Download on the Mac App Store

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The grand finale to The House of Da Vinci trilogy is coming: this year, we will release The House of Da Vinci 3. Don't ever miss any important update and be among the first players to download it – subscribe to our waiting list.

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